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Our Administrative Preperatory section gives you the opportunity to work with the best as we do all within our capacity to help you to get qualified specialists in your desired position for your company's needs. Give us a list of qualifications and skills that is top priority to you with the hours needed for the workers to be actice coupled with the amount of this position's salary and we will take care of the rest.


MPS Training & Orientation is specifically designed to offer our partners diverse talent you can trust as we take our taime to give them the necessary training which modified them into a superstar employee. Give us the selections of the position you want, the type of employee you need, the hours you require daily or weekly, and we will be glad to handle your requests with all zeal. Contact us now to start the process of hiring the right people for your company.


We offer a strategized Candidate Interviews for all our recruits in other to help you get the job done as you desire while we ensure your team are enriched with only the best in your industry's field. Give us the exact needs of your company and your requirements about deired employees then we will take it from there and do the rest. Focus on your business while we help you search and deliver the talent you need.


We run a thorough background & police checks on all our recruits and ensure outstanding personality, skill, and integrity are the backgrounds of each while they have clean police criminal records. References are individually validated through the city police and their family. 


All our recruits are required to have a certificate or passed through Al Farisy International Hotel School or a known institution where they have received certificates in these required courses Survival at Sea, Firefighting, SOLAS, and other safety courses offered by the Indonesian Seamen’s Association


All recruits are mandated to undergo a detailed medical examination before being accepted to be supplied to our partners as certified workers. The result of their medical fitness must be from a reliable and verified hospital as a background check to know the authenticity of such a result is conducted.

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