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Knowing fully well that our principal activity is to source, train, and develop talents and abilities of young people who show prospects for excellence in the field of the Cruise and hospitality industries. We partner with Al Farisy International Hotel School as our Training Facility to offer a comprehensive training curriculum covering every Hotel operational, cruise, and middle-management positions. 

We have been in this business quite an age as we offer experience in sourcing for the best workers with solid backgrounds and basic experience as a school graduate who has at a time worked in hotels and well trained to fully qualified crewmembers.

We offer training and retraining to all our recruits with the basic knowledge been passed to new or experienced ones. The major part of our training is to enhance the already inherent good attitude, spirit of courtesy, and general guest services, which is already imbibed in our people. 

Our recruits are well trained on leadership and effective communication by tutors who have been front liners in the business with several years of first-class service with international cruise companies, resorts, and hotels.

Our workers are saddled with integrity, politeness, tolerance, cleanliness, and respect. This helps us focus on quality and excellence while we relate well with tourists who have since taught us many languages.
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