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Here's the Tips So You Can Work Successfully on a Cruise Ship

Working on a cruise is a dream for many people. Including you? A cruise ship is run by hundreds of crews or crews with various occupations, ranging from technicians to guest services. These crews or crews are required to sign contracts to work internationally for months.

Here are the few tips we collected for you:

1. Decide in advance whether a job and career on a cruise is the right choice for you

Although it can be a great way to see the world, working on a cruise ship isn't easy. Therefore there are some things you should consider if you want to work on a cruise.

Determine whether you are prone to seasickness. Mild sea sickness can indeed happen at any time, given the work on a cruise ship that takes up to months. But you need to know, cruise crews generally sleep at the bottom of the ship with a narrow room and there are only a few windows. If this can be a problem for you, especially if you are prone to seasickness, then a cruise might not be a good environment for you to work at.

Remember that on a cruise, you will work up to 7 days a week. People who work on cruise ships have varying hours of work each day. You may get 2 to 4 months of vacation during the contract, but you can also be asked to work up to 14 hours per day.

Decide if you can survive working for months without or with little communication with the outside world (family, friends or closest people). Jobs on cruise ships are often taken by young people who are still single, this is because crews of cruises have to work for months away from home. Internet access is available on board, but you are usually charged an additional fee to use it.

2. Understand how cruise ships operate

You need to learn in general how a cruise ship operates. Although cruise ship operations are similar to hotels, but of course there are many differences between cruise ships and hotels.

Cruise ship crews in their work will very often interact with passengers, although sometimes not during working hours.

The crew is usually given 1 bedroom each, but there are also those who have to share a room with other employees, depending on the type of cruise and the level of work.

Employees at the lowest level usually stay at the bottom of the deck of the ship and get more work time. Some employees are also not allowed to leave the cruise ship when it is anchored in a country or in a tourist destination.

3. Make a list of vacancies on cruise ships

Visit some of the biggest cruise ship companies' websites in the world to see if there are job openings at the company. Usually these companies will post announcements on their websites if there are job openings.

Remember that you will compete with hundreds or even thousands of applicants. Therefore, make as many job listings as possible on the cruise ships available so that your opportunities will increase.

4. Create a resume or Curriculum Vitae (CV) for each vacancy on the cruise ship you are targeting

Below are general resume guidelines for cruise ship job applications:

Make sure your resume is made in Microsoft Word, Portable Document Format (PDF) or Rich Text Format files.

Make a list of your work experiences starting from the most recent.

Enter skills below each job history that points to the position you are applying for on the cruise ship.

Make a list of educational history starting from the highest level of education.

Make a list of languages ​​that you are good at, including your level of mastery of the language, for example fluent (active) or lacking or (passive).

Create a special section on your job application to show your skills related to the position you are applying for on the cruise ship.

Also include a photo of yourself (if requested).

Include 2 to 3 references from people who are competent to assess your ability to work.

5. Make a convincing cover letter

Write your application as many as 400 words or less, provide bold format for your work experience, skills and education that shows that you are suitable for the position for which you are applying. If you are applying for more than one position, create several cover letters with different formats. Maybe in a work position

6. Submit job applications to large cruise companies and smaller cruise companies

If you have not been hired by a large cruise company and have only been accepted to a small cruise company, then use the opportunity to add to your work experience. If you have a lot of work experience, it will be easier to be accepted at large cruise companies. If you have experience in the field of special interest tourism, make it an added value to put on your resume.

7. Contact a provider of employment services for cruises or websites specifically for cruising vacancies if you are having trouble finding work on a cruise ship company website

Employment distribution services and job vacancy websites will usually charge a fee to be able to use their services. Therefore, first check the validity and licensing of these services and websites so that you are not fooled.

Well, how, are you ready to work on the water alias on a cruise? If you have questions please contact us at (+62) 21 435 4959 or simply send us email!

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