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The Importance of Personal Safety When Outside the Ship

All cruise ship companies have strict regulations for their crew regarding regulations / appeals when outside the ship. In addition to basic regulations to comply with local laws, also an appeal not to leave the ship alone, must not bounce open roof vehicles, may not do extreme sports (bungee jumping, jetski, off road tour) do not easily trust the invitation of local guides, taxi drivers without metered and etc.

Sometimes the crew members feel too confident leaving the boat themselves (or indeed they want to), feel they know the area and even the language of the local population, or are too eager to get out of the boat but there are no colleagues who can accompany. It is not uncommon for crimes to befall, especially not in one's own country. Things like pickpocketing, robbery, even kidnapping could approach the crew who were walking. So it is not allowed to travel alone.

Cruise ship companies are not that easy to bear our losses if one day we are hit by disaster when you're outside the ship. A special investigation is conducted whether we violate the rules that were signed when we first signed on the cruise ship.

Therefore, think about it first if you are going to leave the ship with you. If you have never explored the area there is no harm in asking senior about the destination port. Can also googling about the port. Avoid too show ups such as carrying a sophisticated camera, expensive gadgets, fancy clothes and too exposed or excessive jewelry when outside the port area which is less secure.

Do's and don'ts:

- Wear clothes that are not flashy

- Don't wear expensive jewelry

- Don't be seen carrying a camera or cellphone

- Just act normal and don't act too conspicuously

- Don't be alone, always invite friends

- Speak as needed, don't be too visible as a foreigner / tourist

- Ask local people who look good if they get lost

- Give the crew information on where you are going

- Don't accept food or drinks from strangers you don't know

- Always walking in the crowd, not a quiet place

- If renting a vehicle, rent a car and don't drive alone

Well, don't you think we will always be safe if in another country. We do not know how the character of the country or region, so we must always be vigilant.


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