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Serving Cruise Ship Passengers Wholeheartedly

Let's talk about one of the crew hotel positions in the cruise industry, waiter/waitress.

Waiters/waitresses are employees who have the job and responsibility to serve food and beverage needs for customers in a professional manner. In another sense, a waiter/waitress means a person on duty or working in the serving section, in the elements of food and drink. Waiter/waitress is a position in various food and beverage department outlets such as restaurants, room service, bars & banquets. One waitress must be able to provide satisfactory service for guests.

1. WAITER/WAITRESS job - Responsible for all food and service-related issues in his workstation and serving passengers according to the highest standards set by the shipping department. - Waiters/Waitresses must escort passengers to their tables, serve food and drink menus, and be friendly and answer any questions they may have regarding menu items. - Attend various training sessions organized by immediate supervisors and department heads, further enhancing their performance and preparing for career advancement to higher positions in shipping routes. - Responsible and understand how to set the table, and put plates, glasses, cutlery, and knives according to the rules. - Facilitate to manage of special programs and functions as instructed by the ship's management. - In addition to regular restaurant work, he/she may be used to perform various other functions, such as greeting passengers for embarkation or serving passengers for afternoon tea. - Must actively participate in the dining hall entertainment along with the practices of cruise lines and changes based on certain schedules. 2. Job Requirements as WAITER/WAITRESS - Minimum two years of waiter experience in a restaurant, hotel, or resort. - Capability to calculate numbers and amounts such as discount, interest, commission, guidelines, proportions, and percentages. - Good interpersonal skills, positive attitude and desire to learn. - Good communication skills and good command of English, knowledge of additional languages ​​is a plus. - Capability to work in a multicultural environment. Becoming a world-class ship employee is a dream for a seafarer candidate, but to become an employee you have to compete so that to choose the best job you have to be in the right major. Well, indeed every job has its own challenges. But even so, working as a cruise ship crew is desired by many people. Including you? Feel free to contact us at


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