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This Code of Ethics for Working on a Cruise You Need to Know

Did you know that each shipping lane has its own code of ethics that must be followed by all crew members, officers and staff. Any behavior that adversely affects the safety and security of the cruise ship or other crew members is quite crucial. Then it takes the basics of discipline.

It is the right direction and training, and if something unexpected happens, all crew members will receive counseling, warning and dismissal. Here are some of the rules and policies on a cruise ship. Let us understand carefully!

Cruise Ship Safety and Security

Safety and security are the biggest priority on a cruise ship, anything or anyone who commits violations or dangerous mistakes will potentially lose their jobs.

Crew members are required to attend safety training and comply with the safety or security policies set by the cruise ship. Work on a cruise ship has no tolerance for the use of drugs and drinking alcohol to get drunk, causing a behavior violation that will lead to dismissal.

Safety also includes health on a cruise. Crew members must comply with applicable health standards. At a minimum, or at least follow the guidelines for proper hand washing.

Relationship Between Crew Members

With so many countries working on cruise ships, crew members have the opportunity to enjoy multicultural experiences. Crew members must also learn how to get along with other citizens and respect each other. Cruise ship companies do not tolerate discrimination, harassment, or violence in any form.

Behavior on Ships and Passengers

Cruise ship companies also will not tolerate neglect of ship property. No crew is allowed to steal, possess stolen property, careless destruction or neglect of the ship and everything in it.

The crew is expected to respect cabin rules such as keeping the cabin clean and orderly, not using candles, and only smoking in designated areas.

Understand that guests are the main thing because that is the reason you have a job. Be polite to passengers at all times. Helping guests who have difficulties.

High Personal Standards and Strong Work Ethic

Crew members must not only respect the passengers and other crew members, they must display high standards in work knowledge and performance, personal self-care, timeliness, and communication skills.

Well, how, for those of you who have personal discipline and high communication skills, are you ready to join? If you have questions or doubts about your work on a cruise, please contact us at ……….


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